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Issued by the company need to recruit the following: 
 1: Graphic Design 
    Requirements: 3 years working experience in graphic design, creative, artistic foundation well and has experience in film output is preferred.

 2: QC Manager   
    1, monitoring product process state, the process parameters change in the impact of the product identified, and set reasonable argument; 
    2, according to the company's overall quality status of the organization of quality control programs, monitoring product quality throughout (raw materials, production, factory, etc. links); 
    3, development of product quality inspection standards, product testing processes and methods; 
    4, presided over incoming inspection and shipping the assessment; 
    5, to help track the use of the product, handling customer feedback, based on feedback to improve quality control; 
    6, summed up the product quality issues and the relevant departments to promote timely resolution; 
    7, involved in quality system certification. 
    1, there is relevant work experience in four years. 
    2, there is strong communication skills, implementation capacity; 
    3, familiar with production process; understand the ISO9001 quality system; familiar with the product quality management processes and methods of operation; of the supplier's quality management system evaluation have rich working experience; skilled use of office software; 
    4, work a serious and responsible, careful and meticulous and principled; a good problem analysis capabilities; good communication and coordination capacity; good team spirit of collaboration.

3: Computer Member 
    Computer professional, competent expertise, can hard-working, to help computer department dealing with all kinds of computers, office equipment, routine maintenance and line maintenance work, as well as a variety of graphics processing, learning ability.

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